New Video and Audio Conferencing System-Tenveo VLGroup

This video and audio conferencing group is the best choice for medium to large conferencing. There are 2 alternatives of cameras which can be adopted to build up the system, namely 4k ultra HD camera, 1080p full HD camera. The other 2 items to constitute the system are a Bluetooth speakerphone and a hub. A conferencing system can be built by simply connecting the camera and the speakerphone with the hub, and the hub to PC. No extra efforts or resources are needed. The system ensures all the participants to be heard and seen clearly, and is compatible with video conferencing software and platforms like Zoom, Skype for business, Microsoft Meet. It can be widely used in business, government, church, education, pharmaceutical industries and more.


The Sony CMOS sensor-equipped 4k or 1080p camera delivers HD image which captures every subtle facial expression during the ptz rotation process without any image distortion. Its pan and tilt movements can be achieved easily with the IR remote control which can also set 10 preset positions (255 presets by Pelco-D, 32 presets by Pelco-P, 7 presets by Visca) or by Joystick keyboard. The ptz camera is also equipped with HDMI port, which broadens its interface range and thus compatibility.


The omnidirectional speakerphone has a voice pick-up radius of 6 meters (20ft). It is equipped with a 8000mAH built-in lithium battery which has a battery life (call) of up to 27 hours and supports music time for up to 17 hours. It's easy to get meeting started by using its tough screen. 

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